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NFL rule changes: Owners to meet next week, discuss 23 proposals

Fact: Rich McKay and Dan Quinn shine their scalps with the same variable-speed buffer

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL owners get together each off-season to discuss potential rule changes. This year's meeting is next week, and many important proposals are on the table. It's an event coordinated by the NFL's competition committee, chaired by the Atlanta Falcons' President and CEO, Rich McKay. Quick side note, when my cousin was dating a Falcons cheerleader in 2005, we took an elevator ride with McKay - he smelled like leather-bound books and rich mahogany.

Several proposals affect how challenges are conducted and what they cover. If approved, the infamous red flag would go the way of the dodo; a team would need to use a timeout instead, then it'd be restored if the challenge is successful. Challenges after the two minute warning would be permitted and any official's decision, excluding scoring plays and turnovers, would be reviewable (including fouls).

The inclusion of fouls is a bit controversial. Not every team thinks it's a good idea, at least inasmuch as it allows review of certain fouls. Just imagine a game where every pass interference call is subject to review. That could arguably drag out games, making the pace of play even slower.

The Indianapolis Colts are floating a funky idea that would allow for a bonus point following a two point conversion. If approved, teams could attempt a 50 yard field goal after successfully "going for two." The resulting nine points could certainly alter the course of many games, especially late in the fourth quarter. To be honest, the idea is a bit too quirky for my taste.

The one idea I really like is a proposed expansion of the playoffs. To be frank, I just want to improve the Falcons' chances of making the playoffs, what with them sucking at football the past two years and all. I'll probably hate the idea when they actually turn it around and earn a high seed.

Your thoughts on the proposals?