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Greg Hardy signs one-year, incentive-laden deal with Cowboys

The talented defensive end may be facing a suspension and is still in the NFC, but he's out of the NFC South

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons never appeared to be in on Greg Hardy, but I know there was healthy interest in his services from the fanbase, so here's an update.

The Cowboys and Buccaneers were two of the only teams with legitimate, widely reported interest in Hardy, and the Buccaneers bowed out earlier today. The Cowboys get the best pass rusher on the market at a potential discount, though Hardy will be paid a princely sum if he hits gets all his bonuses.

Hardy's one-year deal ensures he'll hit the open market again in 2016, barring an extension the potentially cap-strapped Cowboys may not be able to give him. If he rides out his suspension, plays well and doesn't run into any more legal trouble, his market will likely be a lot more robust ahead of next season. Either way, he's out of the NFC South.