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NFL rumors: Michael Bennett reportedly seeking trade to Atlanta

The talented defensive end may have interest in joining the Falcons.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The first few weeks of NFL free agency are in the books, and the Falcons have yet to add a marquee name to the roster. While landing such a player remains unlikely, there is a chance one of Dan Quinn's star proteges could make his way to Atlanta, according to Clarence Hill.

It goes without saying that, as of now, this is a long shot. For Michael Bennett to be reunited with Quinn, the Falcons still 1) have to express interest in acquiring the defensive end, and 2) put together a suitable package for the Seahawks. Accomplishing the latter would certainly be difficult.

If -- and this is a big if -- the Falcons can get the 29-year-old for the right price, this offseason would be nothing short of a wild success. He, along with the depth signings already made and a few good draft picks, could quickly turn Atlanta's defense into a strength.

Bennett, formerly a division rival in Tampa, had seven sacks last year; he racked up eight and a half and nine in 2012 and 2013, respectively. No one on the Falcons had more than four and a half sacks in 2014.



The Falcons would have to pony up at least one draft pick, plenty of dollars and the Seahawks would have to be interested in making a deal for this to go through, so we can't say we consider it likely. That said, it's a deeply tantalizing possibility, and reuniting Quinn with Bennett would be terrific. Let's see how things progress from here.