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Falcons free agency: The FalcFans podcast goes deep on this week's moves

Catch Aaron Freeman, Allen Strk and Mike Byers running down the Falcons' moves.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The FalcFans podcast returns with a breakdown of free agency thus far over two informative, entertaining hours of Falcons talk.

Our own Allen Strk and FalcFans editor Aaron Freeman are joined by Mike Byers, who has been writing about the Falcons for years on sites like Cover 32. Prepare yourself for a smart, critical look at what's gone on so far for Thomas Dimitroff, Scott Pioli and Dan Quinn, and what we can expect for the Falcons in the days and weeks ahead. Lord knows we're all wondering exactly what's next, and what the end of this particular free agency plan looks like.

As the title implies, you'll also hear talk about the Falcons' desperate need for a pass catching tight end, as well as real and obvious needs for the pass rush and other holes in the team's roster. The Harry Douglas jokes will, regretfully, be somewhat limited.

Check out the full episode here.