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What signings would make you feel good about Falcons free agency?

Polling Falcons fan on the signings that would make a difference.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Things have slowed down considerably this weekend—we had an article about special teams this morning—so it's a good time to pause and reflect.

The Falcons will sign additional players ahead of the draft, and while I love giving out grades as much as the next guy, it's a little early to deliver any kind of comprehensive take on Atlanta's free agency success. They lost some beloved and useful players over the last couple of weeks, and they've made a bunch of solid, defensible signings that promise improvement but not necessarily drastic gains. What I have noticed along the way is that many Falcons fans are wary, nervous and/or downright upset about how things have gone.

This is perfectly understandable when you see two lousy seasons strung together, even if there's a new coach in town, because the front office is largely the same and there haven't been any signings that majorly correct the annually infuriating flaws in the team's pass rush. Patience is probably a virtue in March, but it's tough to be patient.

With that in mind, I'm asking those of you gathered here at The Falcoholic what the Falcons can do in free agency from here on out to make you feel good about what the team has accomplished in March. Maybe the answer is nothing, maybe it's signing a specific defensive end or maybe it's a series of signings. I just want your well-reasoned opinions.

Sound off.