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Falcons target Darian Stewart signs with Broncos, Dwight Lowery a potential option to return?

The Falcons still need a safety.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons were reportedly hosting Darian Stewart for a visit today, but it looks like he'll never make it to Atlanta.

This, on the heels of the report that Lance Kendricks turned down more money to stay in St. Louis, will make some people wonder if Atlanta has ceased to be an attractive destination for free agents. Given the team's apparent hard caps on spending for certain positions and free agents, there may well be something to that.

The good news for Atlanta is that Ron Parker is still out there, greeting a market that isn't quite willing to meet his asking price. The better news is that Dwight Lowery, who played capably as a starter just last year for the Falcons, is still available, as well. If the Falcons can land Parker, great, but if not they can hopefully bring back Lowery to ensure they have a competent starting option besides Charles Godfrey. Jeron Johnson is another name being bandied around, but I'd view a Parker signing/Lowery reunion as the most likely options.

What's clear is that the Falcons need to add a veteran safety to the mix. This is a football team that wants to be competitive in 2015, and they can't afford to leave too many gaping holes for the draft. When you consider that left guard, tight end, and arguably the pass rush and safety quality, it's good the Falcons are sniffing around.

We'll wait to see what happens with safety and the team's mystery tight end visit from today.