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Falcons free agency: Adrian Clayborn, Phillip Adams sign with Atlanta Thursday

The Falcons have completed a pair of signings to bolster their defense.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons made one expected signing and one signing that came out of left field.

Clayborn, 26, has a history of injuries, but has been a fairly productive pass rusher when he has been healthy. He's reasonably young, he's familiar with Raheem Morris and during his two healthy seasons he's had a combined 13.5 sacks. He'll likely be a rotational pass rusher for the Falcons, especially if they land Derrick Morgan, and could offer good value there. The Falcons are, of course, thirsty for pass rushing help, and if Clayborn can come close to regaining the form he showed in his two healthy seasons, he'll be a boost.

Adams, also 26, spent the last three seasons with the Jets and Raiders. He's started a combined eight games over those seasons, with eight pass deflections and three interceptions, but in his starts he has been somewhat of a liability in coverage. Adams will likely compete for a nickel role, but would currently project to be the team's fourth cornerback, at best.

Clayborn is on an affordable short-term deal, and it's fair to assume Adams will be, too. Neither are likely to be particularly expensive, however, and they fit with the Falcons' plan to fill a lot of holes with tangible if modest upgrades. Clayborn, in particular, could be mighty useful if he's fully healthy and can play well in Quinn's scheme.

Welcome both of these guys to Atlanta!