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The NFL Veteran Combine is a last chance for largely forgotten players

The Falcons will be represented at this combine, which aims to give veterans another legitimate shot at a job.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The scouting combine has traditionally been a place for rookies to help determine their draft stocks, and by extension their futures in the NFL. The new veteran combine promises to be an opportunity, perhaps the last one a great many players will get.

The veteran combine kicks off at on Sunday, March 22nd, and will give the invited veterans a chance to go through positional drills and workouts in front of representatives from all 32 NFL teams. You'll be able to watch a one-hour special on the NFL Network at 8 p.m. that same day.

Look at the list of invites and you'll see some familiar names, including Jamaal Anderson, Michael Sam, Adam Carriker and Darius Johnson, among other former Falcons and veterans who washed out of the league. It's unlikely that many players will be signed from this—and frankly, I'm sure it rankles a few of the more productive ones that they have to even do this to get a shot—but it's fair to expect a small handful of veterans will wind up on NFL rosters. If that happens, and an even smaller handful make an impact, the entire experiment will be worthwhile. As it stands, I'm all for something that gives these players a legitimate shot at another gig, even if I don't exactly have fond memories of Jamaal Anderson in Atlanta.

Who knows, maybe the Falcons will pick someone off the scrap heap. Anyone you guys think is worth a flier?