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Mike Person signs with Falcons, giving them a new guard

The Falcons have added a veteran lineman who may compete for a starting job.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are adding depth along their offensive line, inking Mike Person (that's his real name) via free agency.

Person played in 16 games for the Rams, starting zero. He has experience as a tackle and guard between previous stops with the 49ers, Colts and Seahawks, and right now I'd project him to provide veteran depth for an offensive line making a wholesale transition to zone blocking. At 6'4" and 299 pounds, he doesn't tip the scales but has quailty size and strength. We'll get a better look at him over the summer.

There's an outside chance Person will be competing for a starting gig at left guard, but we're so far away from that being reality I'm going to mention it in passing and then run away from it like a live grenade. If he can back up both guard spots and dabble in tackle, he'll have his uses for Dan Quinn and company.

Welcome to Atlanta, Mike Person.