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2015 NFL free agency: Falcons reportedly pursuing tight end Lance Kendricks

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons weren't sniffing Julius Thomas, but they're actively shopping for at least one tight end upgrade.

In play doesn't mean "signing," which probably means this isn't something that's going to happen right at 4 p.m. Still, as an athletic pass catching tight end who won't be hugely expensive, Kendricks makes a lot of sense for this Falcons team, which is trying to add talent to a position where Levine Toilolo is the sole holdover.

Kendricks has quietly been an effective pass catcher for the Rams, putting 129 receptions for 1,388 yards and 13 touchdowns over his four seasons in St. Louis. I say quietly because he's started an awful lot of games and hasn't really had the production to show for it, though the Rams have had Jared Cook to hog targets the last two years. He's not a great blocker by any means, but the Falcons may transition Toilolo into more of a blocking/red zone threat role in 2015, regardless.

If the Falcons do close the deal with Kendricks, expect him to be the de facto starter in 2015.