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Falcons free agency 2015: The grand kickoff

Free agency starts today, and we'll see what kind of bounty the Atlanta Falcons bring home.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have a new head coach and a new set of expectations, and fans have been chomping at the bit since Saturday to see some action. Starting today at 4 p.m., we may just get our wish.

We don't know precisely who the Falcons are pursuing, though we have plenty of reported and rumored interest to consider. Expect the team to target running back, tight end, defensive end, linebacker, safety and perhaps cornerback in the days ahead. Depending on how quickly the market thins out, they might get all those positions addressed or they may have to save a few for the draft. Either way, the Falcons don't need flash so much as they need multiple, tangible upgrades to re-stock a depleted roster. Let's hope they land the improvements we're all hankering for, and they go beyond Brooks Reed, Justin Forsett and Brian Orakpo.

Feel free to chime in with the free agents you think the Falcons should sign, and let's get this party started. Once more, with feeling: Bring 'em home, TD (and Scott Pioli and Dan Quinn, of course).

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