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Your ideal Atlanta Falcons free agency

Falcoholics share their best ideas for Atlanta Falcons free agency.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of the most anticipated free agent periods in recent memory for Falcons fans, as it it comes attached to a new head coach and the need to turn this ship around before it runs any further aground.

Because it's so anticipated, we've had plenty of guesses about the course of the offseason and the Falcons' plans thus far, but we haven't exactly gathered them all together for posterity. That's what we'll do right here, in the wake of Allen Strk's wishlist and my ruminations on what the plan might be for Atlanta.

Give your best guess as to who the Falcons sign, what kind of money those signings will require and where those signings slot in for the Falcons' 2015 lineup.

Look for more free agency coverage tomorrow ahead, including my predicted Falcons approach. In the meantime, share your plan with us.