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Report: NFL rosters could expand to 55 players

More football players could be employed in the near future.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The size of NFL rosters could soon increase, according to Mike Florio of NBC Sports.

Florio on Sunday reported that the league's Competition Committee is mulling over the idea of expanding rosters from 53 spots to 55, which would add 64 positions in total. This is one of several crucial topics slated for discussion at the Committee's annual preseason meeting.

The Players' Association will have a say in the matter, and they'd likely favor the change. But, as Florio noted, more jobs means the wealth would have to be distributed to two more players per team, and without a subsequent rise in the salary cap, some would inevitably receive smaller paychecks as a result. It'd be an extremely minor adjustment, however, so it's hard to imagine the Association opposing such a development.

Should this go down, it'd be one of several measures taken by the league to add more bodies to the mix. In 2012, the NFL boosted the offseason roster limit to 90; in 2014, the maximum size of a practice squad jumped from eight to 10.

What do you think about the idea of roster expansion?