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2015 NFL scouting combine: League releases full list of attendees

The NFL's proving grounds for prospects kicks off

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL scouting combine kicks off on Tuesday, February 17th, and we now know exactly who will be participating.

For those new to the concept, the combine is a place where college players entering the 2015 NFL Draft will test their mettle in a range of drills designed to measure their speed, athleticism and specific traits such as arm strength and power, as well as plenty of drooling over measurements and weight lifting. Players who don't participate and many of those who do will also hold pro days at their individual college campuses, working out in front of teams in hopes of causing scouts to fall in love with them. Deeply, deeply in love.

For more about the combine, visit the NFL's combine site.

Detractors of the combine and pro days—and I'm one of them, most years—say there's too much emphasis on 40 times and drills that do little to predict a player's fortunes in the NFL. There have been plenty of high-profile busts over the years who wrecked the combine, and more than a few Teddy Bridgewaters who underwhelm during a combine or pro day and go on to deliver successful first years in the NFL. It's not a science, in other words, but it does arm scouts and front office types with more information about prospects beyond the tape and their brief, borderline useless interviews with teams.

You can find the full list at, so go there and tell us who you will be watching closely when the combine kicks off in earnest.