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Jonathan Babineaux on NFL AM

Falcons DT Jonathan Babineaux was featured on NFL AM this morning, discussing Dan Quinn and what the hiring means for Atlanta's defense.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux appeared on NFL Network's NFL AM this morning to talk about new head coach Dan Quinn and his expectations for the defense in the coming season.

Babs discussed Dan Quinn with his brother, Jordan, a former NFL defensive back and current NFL AM host. Jordan asked Babs whether he had already told Quinn he doesn't want to play defensive end anymore, saying that he would prefer to see his brother move back to the three-technique role where Babs has found much of his success. Babs talked around it, saying only that he spoke to Quinn for the first time yesterday, and Quinn outlined his expectations, and that Babs is excited for the challenges of the coming season.

Jordan Babineaux pushed him to answer, and Babs said that he's open to doing whatever Quinn thinks is best. "Well, ultimately I'm a team player, Jordan," Babs said. "I'll do whatever it takes for my team to be successful." Babs believes that Quinn and his staff will put Babineaux, and the rest of the defense, in a position to succeed.

Babs said that it's important for the Falcons to buy into what Quinn is asking them to do, to believe in Quinn, and to trust him. He pointed to Quinn's success in Seattle and the way he was able to put that defense in positions to succeed. After talking to Quinn yesterday, Babs said that he is excited for the season to begin and that he expects some big changes on the field. "I couldn't be more excited than right now," Babs said.

When asked about the simplified scheme and playing faster, Babs said he believes that those changes will result in a more effective defense. Babs pointed to the way that Quinn's defense in Seattle played under his leadership as an example of his expectations. "The way Seattle played these last few years, the way they were just getting after guys and running to the ball, it was like they were out there...just taking on opposing offenses and just embarrassing them."

Babs said that as a defensive guy, he's particularly looking forward to working with Quinn. "Like any other player on this team, we're ready to get this season started," Babs said. "It's going to be a long process, but it's going to be very well worth the wait."

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