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NFL Free Agency 2015: A complete list of Falcons free agents

A full reckoning of the Falcons' impending free agents.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With Dan Quinn in the fold, all that remains between now and free agency is filling out the coaching staff. Because that's only going to be interesting for a short while, let's just all agree to go all in on free agency right now.

In that spirit, we've compiled a list of every free agent the Falcons currently have for your discussion. Let's get to it.

Exclusive Rights Free Agents

So what's the deal with ERFAs, as we call them? Only the Falcons can negotiate with these two guys, which means if they're going to go anywhere else, the Falcons will have to let them go. I'm not sure DiMarco will return, but Stupar was a core special teamer who comes exceedingly cheap, so hopefully he'll be back.

 photo 8787c673-eabf-4e05-a9fd-89ce2b6260ee.png

Restricted Free Agents

If you're a restricted free agent, your team has the right to match any offer to you.

 photo 930e1d41-f7e0-4ac5-93dd-e0d92e56a3e7.png

Unrestricted Free Agents

These guys are free to sign anywhere. Several of these guys should be back in the fold in Atlanta, though it's impossible for us to know which ones at this early stage. My money's on Peters, Bryant, 'Spoon, Smith, Lowery, and perhaps Weems.

 photo 0ee50264-4323-4ebd-8772-c2ac77115aa7.png

You'll recall we put together this list a little while ago, but with free agency looming as the only milestone on the way, it was necessary to do so again. Hat tip to Jeanna for the fancy charts.

Who do you hope the Falcons hold onto in 2015?