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Atlanta Falcons Release DE Jonathan Massaquoi

Jonathan Massaquoi struggles to win friends and influence people in Flowery Branch.

Massaquoi was the weekly winner of the "Cleanest Jersey" award.
Massaquoi was the weekly winner of the "Cleanest Jersey" award.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of a shocker, the Atlanta Falcons announced they waived young, cheap defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi. He  seemed to struggle to get support from the old coaching staff, and clearly has no friends with Dan Quinn's new staff.

Odds are Bryan Cox did not do much to keep Massaquoi in Atlanta, and now that era is over. Also, the Falcons best pass rusher is currently Matt Bryant.

The Atlanta Falcons announced the move Friday night.

Massaquoi was considered a potential top talent in the 2012 draft, but dropped like a rock until the Falcons picked him in the 5th round. He struggled to earn snaps, but typically looked pretty good when he played.

Massaquoi never  got more snaps after complaining about his lack of playing time. With a team desperate for young pass rushers, they bailed on Massaquoi for almost nothing.

Dan Quinn, who has final control over the final 53, likely agreed Massaquoi was not a fit for his defense.