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Poll: How do Falcons fans feel about the slate of roster cuts?

There are mixed feelings all over the fanbase in regards to the moves.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Falcons cut Steven Jackson last night in what felt like an inevitable move, and today they've parted with Harry Douglas, Justin Blalock and Jonathan Massaquoi. The team saves close to $12 million with the moves,

The reaction of the fanbase has been decidedly mixed, because a couple of these players were surprises, at least one of them was widely beloved and a lot of fans had high hopes for Jonathan Massaquoi with Mike Smith and most of his staff moving on. I think most are glad to see Dan Quinn putting his stamp on the team, but not everyone's happy with the particulars. C'est la vie.

Me? I'm sad, particularly because Blalock was one of my favorites, but none of these moves are true stunners. Jackson was out the door more or less as soon as the offseason ended, Douglas was the third receiver and carried a fairly hefty cap charge for it and Blalock was not an ideal fit for a zone blocking scheme, even if he's as fundamentally sound as he's ever been. Mass should be a surprise, but there were strong indications that the team wasn't happy with the way he was handling his injuries and lack of playing time, and Dan Quinn apparently didn't champion his retention.

This doesn't necessarily bode well for Sean Weatherspoon, either:

Vote in the poll below and tell us what you think of the moves.