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Cliff Matthews, Patrick DiMarco land minimum salary two-year deals

The Falcons have both players under contract through 2016.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

We now know the terms of the Falcons' deals with fullback Patrick DiMarco and defensive end Cliff Matthews, and as anticipated, they're both affordable deals.

Matthews projects to be a run-stopping reserve at defensive end for this Falcons team, if he's able to stick. He has 28 tackles in 32 games as a Falcon since 2011, and he's considered a key special teamer by Keith Armstrong. His versatility, ability against the run and special teams value probably gives him a leg up on a roster spot, but we have no idea how many ends the Falcons will add in free agency and the draft.

Patrick DiMarco will head into training camp as the obvious favorite for starting fullback duties. He's a decent enough lead blocker, as he's shown through his 30 games with the Falcons, and he's an occasionally useful pass catcher, as well. Fullback isn't and shouldn't be a priority position for this team, and by locking up DiMarco for a couple of seasons at a cheap rate, the Falcons have at least assured themselves competence from their lead blocker.

Your thoughts on these contracts?