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Peter King 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Falcons select Bud Dupree with the 8th overall pick

Fact: Bud Dupree once outran a three-legged cheetah in a blindfolded foot race

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons don't care about mock drafts. They've been doing their due diligence on this draft for over a year - they know their options, inside and out. But that said, mock drafts are always fun, especially when they're done by sports writers and other folks who get paid to make these sort of predictions.

So for what it's worth, Peter King believes the Falcons will pass on Vic Beasley and take Kentucky OLB Bud Dupree with the 8th overall pick in the draft.

Bud Dupree, OLB, Kentucky

I have no idea which pass-rusher it will be right here. But I will just say this: If the Falcons don't take a rush end or an outside 'backer with insane pass-rush potential in the first round, then my name's Joe Don Looney.

While Dupree had a fantastic combine, I'm not certain he's worth the 8th overall pick. I'll give the kid credit, if he can drag his 270 pound frame 40 yards downfield in just 4.56 seconds, he's certainly worth a look. Did I mention his 42 inch vertical and 138 inch broad jump? As physical specimens go, he's definitely remarkable.

If there's a knock on Dupree, it's his inability to translate that elite athleticism to the field. He doesn't pop on tape, and he relies heavily on his speed. That likely means Dupree will need some seasoning to be effective in the NFL, a luxury the Falcons potentially can't afford him.

Your thoughts?