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Falcons free agency: Big splashes or several improvements?

Should the Falcons pursue a steady course or go big in 2015 NFL free agency?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Inevitably, when you talk about the Falcons chasing the second tier of free agent pass rushers, you get fans who worry this team is going to end up with a bunch of mediocre players instead of one great one. The question that flows naturally from there is this: What's the best way to handle free agency?

The Falcons have tried it both ways with Thomas Dimitroff as the general manager, locking down several mid-tier players (Erik Coleman, Michael Turner and Jason Elam in 2008, for example) and making one gigantic splash (Dunta Robinson in 2010). You're never going to have an offseason where the Falcons sign one or two guys and call it good, but there's a strategy built around trying to acquire one-to-two hugely expensive, hopefully elite players, and there's one based around getting 3-4 quality players you hope can improve your roster.

The Falcons seem likely to pursue the latter course in 2015, given that the top-tier pass rushers will be off the market and paying out the nose for a veteran running back or cornerback seems unwise. You can potentially net Brandon Graham at defensive end, Jordan Cameron at tight end, a veteran nickel cornerback and re-sign all your guys and come out with a better team than you had in 2014, using your arsenal of high draft picks to shoot for a truly great player or two. Or you could chew up that cap space trying to land Julius Thomas and Byron Maxwell, majorly upgrading two spots but leaving yourself reliant on cheap signings and the draft to fill in the rest. There's no right strategy there, per se, but a question of how your dollars are best meted out in free agency.

Which strategy would you prefer for 2015?