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Falcons to Look at LB David Harris, Mason Foster

It is no secret that the Falcons have the worse group of linebackers in the entire ACC, most Pop Warner leagues, as well as the NFL. The good news is Dan Quinn plans on throwing something more at the position than a few washed up veterans and undrafted free agents.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are moving away from saying "process" a lot, and are instead looking at adding some quality veteran talent to finally shore up a front seven previously made of papier-mâché Tyson Jackson's leftover lunch. Yes, that means the front seven was made entirely of papier-mâché.

ESPN's Falcon beat writer Vaughn McClure has again proven himself worthy of being called "The Oracle" after giving us an update on Atlanta's interest in free agent linebackers.

The Falcons are expected to pursue linebacker David Harris from the New York Jets if he hits the free-agent market.


The Falcons also are expected to look into Mason Foster from Tampa Bay, who was drafted by Falcons assistant head coach Raheem Morris when Morris was the Buccaneers' head coach.

Harris would be a nice veteran addition who grades out about average according to Pro Football Focus. For comparison purposes, Paul Worrilow was rated 59th out of 60 inside linebackers rated. Curtis Lofton was 57th, oddly enough earning the third worst run defense rating in the league.

While Harris is on the old side, he would bring a significant amount of experience to the team and help shore up one our biggest issues. Mason Foster dealt with injuries early in his career, then was forced into a Lovie Smith scheme that was unable to use his talents. He has shown some quality talent and would be worth a look.

McClure also noted that the Falcons intend on keeping Nate Stupar, a special teams ace who only played three defensive snaps in 2014.

It sounds unlikely that any of the 2014 starting linebackers will be starting in 2015.