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Report: Falcons to Hire Seahawks Assistant OL Coach Chris Morgan

It has been suggested for weeks that Dan Quinn was given one coach from Seattle that he could bring to Atlanta. I thought Pete Carroll would have been a nice pickup, but either way, the Falcons have a new offensive line coach.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Mike Tice replacement is definitely a small name that has some large shoes to fill. The Falcons look to be changing offensive line schemes with their new hire. Alex Marvez of Fox Sports had the news first.

Morgan has a fairly short professional coaching career. He spent 2009 and 2010 with the Oakland Raiders, before moving to the Washington Redskins from 2011 to 2013. He spent last season as the assistant offensive line coach for the Seahawks, working beneath Tom Cable.

If you were wondering why a defensive coach plucked an offensive coach to come with him, remember our new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan worked with Morgan while in Washington. The Falcons should institute a zone blocking scheme for the offensive line, a scheme that can turn just about any 6th round running back into a top 10 back.

Morgan is a former offensive lineman for the Colorado Buffaloes before working as a graduate assistant and high school coach. He was then brought on to Cable's Raiders team.

Another interesting tidbit on the future staff, from Albert Breer:

I never did quite understand why some teams have small coaching staffs. Their salaries do not count against the cap, and the more work each players gets with a coach has to help improve their development. This may be one of the reasons Carroll has done so well with plugging in late round picks: the players are trained, coached, and ready to start, not just contribute some on special teams.

This signing makes sense, but is a little farther down the wish list of potential Seahawks coaches the Falcons could have used.