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Will Dan Quinn have control over the 53 man roster?

Arthur Blank's recent comments leave room for questions about Quinn's personnel role.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In comments about Julio Jones and the roster, Arthur Blank has created some questions about Dan Quinn's level of control over the final 53 man roster.

The team's contention that the next Falcons head coach would report directly to Blank, instead of general manager Thomas Dimitroff, meant that it was always likely the Falcons would be giving the next coach a bit more power and sway than Mike Smith enjoyed. My fear was that the Falcons would elect to give talent acquisition duties to their next head coach, but it sounds more likely that Quinn will have ample input into who is coming into Atlanta and who makes the final 53 rather than actually hand-selecting players. It's probably the best setup for the Falcons, who do need multiple critical eyes on the roster.

There's little question the Falcons will want to give Quinn considerable sway over what happens with the defense, at the very least, and the ability to decide who sticks and who goes at the end of training camp would presumably play into that. Scott Pioli and Dimitroff will still be responsible for setting the table, no matter how much control Quinn has.

As far as Julio Jones goes, don't sweat his future with the Falcons. He's in line for an extension and will likely have one in hand well before free agency opens up in 2016, especially once Quinn evaluates the roster himself and realizes how invaluable Julio is for Matt Ryan and the offense.

And finally, with the Seahawks loss, Quinn can become the next coach of the Falcons. If you have any misgivings about his defense's performance last night, don't: The Patriots are a great team with a great offense, and holding them to 28 was a fine effort.

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