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Falcons Free Agency Rumors: Team Will Pursue Byron Maxwell

The latest rumors indicate the Falcons may look to bolster their secondary with a hot commodity.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's normal for rumors and speculation to ramp up during the off-season, so always take these talks with a grain of salt. But there are indications that the Falcons will be strongly pursuing Byron Maxwell - one of the top free agent corners - during this offseason, per Mike Garafolo from Fox Sports:

Why this makes sense

The connection to Dan Quinn is a strong one. By all indications, the players in Seattle loved playing for Quinn - so the speculation here makes good sense. Also, while the Falcons clearly have a #1 corner in Desmond Trufant, there are some who are still nervous about whether Robert Alford can truly be a bookend piece.

Additionally, the defense that Quinn ran in Seattle was built around a terrific secondary, and Maxwell could be a big piece in assembling a similar foundation in Atlanta. Given Maxwell's experience in that defense, any concerns about getting him up to speed will be negated.

Why this doesn't make sense

While the Falcons do have cap space, there are quite a few needs to fill - and corner doesn't appear to be the top need. That money should probably be spent on finding a veteran pass rusher and a starting tight end, along with signing some key free agents like Sean Weatherspoon and Corey Peters. And make no mistake, even if Maxwell would like to play for Dan Quinn again, he's going to demand a pretty high price - one that the Falcons may not be able to afford given their other needs.

And while some people like the idea of Alford playing in more of a nickel role, it's clear that the front-office is still very high on the young player - and for good reason. It would be hard to believe that any team would give up on such a talented player only two years into his career - even if the guy coming in to supplant him is highly touted.

Chances it happens

While the easy connections are there, the money and the need make this a less likely move in my opinion. The Falcons do have cap space to make some moves this off-season, but I don't think this is one of those.

Odds of it happening: 5/10