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Over or under: Nevada oddsmakers project the Atlanta Falcons to win 8.5 games in 2015 season

Fact: sustained eye contact with Matt Ryan will cure many forms of cancer

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's a little early to intelligently assess the strength of the team the Atlanta Falcons will field in 2015. There are tough decisions to be made, players to be drafted, and free agents to sign or re-sign. Heck, Dave is still in the middle of his post-season bender. Quick FYI, we think he's somewhere along the Mexican border, ripping tequila shots and housing huevos rancheros.

But Vegas never rests. Those betting fools like to get a head start on all of us. That's why they're already announcing over-unders in February. Somewhat surprisingly, they have the Falcons winning 8.5 games. Also projected to win 8.5 games are a handful of middling teams that could arguably turn things around in a single off-season.

Atlanta: 8.5
Buffalo: 8.5
Carolina: 8.5
Cincinnati: 8.5
Detroit: 8.5
Houston: 8.5
Kansas City: 8.5
Pittsburgh: 8.5
San Diego: 8.5
San Francisco: 8.5

To be honest, knowing what we know now, I'd probably take the under (i.e., predict 8 or less wins for the Falcons). While I wish it weren't true, I'm not certain Quinn can turn the defense around in one year. I also don't know if we will have the personnel to make a wholesale conversion to a zone blocking scheme.

But what say you? If you had to put money on it now, would you take the over or under?