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ESPN: 2015 Salary Cap Higher Than Expected

The Falcons will have more spending money to either wisely invest or to resign Osi Umenyiora.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In 2014, the NFL cap jumped nearly $10 million to $133 million per team. With the NFL's profitable television deals entering the equation, the 2015 cap may make a similar jump. Adam Schefter updated the year's projected cap.

The Falcons usually have a healthy bit of cap space, and that is expected to remain true for 2015, even without the extra cap space. The team should have wide latitude to get rid of old, injured players and sign quality replacements.

Sam Baker and Steven Jackson should be gone, and as long as the team does not bumble the 2015 free agency like they did in 2014, they can make a number of impactful additions with the added cap space.

What moves would you like to see the team make with the additional $7 to $10 million available this year? Maybe get the team's 2nd tight end since they cut Alge Crumpler?