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Have burning questions for Falcons head coach Dan Quinn?

Dan Quinn will field questions from fans on Twitter this Thursday at noon Eastern.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

New Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is maximizing his Twitter presence by taking over the @AtlantaFalcons Twitter account and making himself available to fans for a Q and A session on Thursday, February 19th, at noon Eastern.

Between sharing glimpses of his excitement about getting things rolling in Atlanta and tweeting some support for Atlanta Hawks players in the All Star Game, Quinn's presence on Twitter provides a glimpse of his enthusiasm for his new role and his new city, and it's nice to see him embracing Atlanta and making an effort to connect to fans. Arthur Blank said as the search for a head coach commenced that he wanted a head coach who would be a great representative of the franchise off the field, and Quinn certainly fits that mold to this point.

After two consecutive dismal seasons, it was also prudent for the Falcons to hire a head coach who would instantly establish a very different presence than the previous regime. Mike Smith told the media last season that reading email is about the extent of his online capabilities, which is fine. One doesn't have to be a social media whiz to be a head coach, and Smitty's Falcons certainly experienced a lot of success in his first several seasons in Atlanta without so much as a single Tweet from Smitty. However, Dan Quinn's willingness to embrace this medium and make himself accessible to fans is a breath of fresh air. 

Surely fans have a lot of questions for Quinn, and this kind of access to a new head coach is a luxury. With the draft and free agency on the horizon and so many unknowns about how Quinn will approach the challenges of turning the Falcons around, it should be interesting to at least follow along as fans pick Quinn's brain.

What questions will you have for Quinn on Thursday?