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Considering Malliciah Goodman and his future with the Falcons

The 2013 draft pick may well top out as a useful reserve for Atlanta.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Malliciah Goodman came out of the 2013 NFL Draft with modest expectations but real upside, and we stand here two full years later in much the same situation.

Goodman's 2014 was intensely frustrating for me primarily because I'm one of his biggest fans, and a believer that his physical talents will ensure he bears fruit for the Falcons at some point in his career. Coming out of the draft, I think we all understood that Goodman would be a bit of a project, but that fun little "Violent Hands" nickname seemed earned thanks to his prodigious strength.

I thought 2014 would give him both the opportunity to prove his worth and that he would do so, but that was not to be. In ten games, Goodman amassed just 17 tackles and two forced fumbles, showing the ability to be an effective run stopper at times but very little as a pass rusher.

I'm hopeful that Goodman can show us more in this year, because he is still young and has though the depth chart is likely to get awfully crowded in the near future. Even if he tops out as a useful reserve, Goodman will have real value for this Falcons team, and I still hold out hope that he can be considerably more than that.

What are your expectations for Goodman?