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Who was the most disappointing Falcon of all-time?

We're discussing this in terms of potential.

George Rose/Getty Images

Seeing the Twitter discussion around Ra'Shede Hageman a few days ago between a few of my favorite Falcons writers sparked thoughts of all the times the Falcons have brought aboard young players with immense potential. Occasionally it has worked out, as it did with Roddy White after a slow start. Often, it has not worked out at all.

As longtime Falcons fans, all, I'm curious to see who your personal tale of woe and disappointment is. For me, there's little question it's Bruce Pickens, the #3 overall pick from the first year I can remember following the Falcons, and thus a player I invested a huge amount of hope into. Pickens was, of course, one of the biggest draft busts in the team's history, and he washed out of the NFL entirely after 1995.

If you're so inclined, please add in the Falcon who exceeded your expectations the most. And don't take my inclusion of Hageman in the first paragraph to mean I don't think he'll pan out, because I quite sincerely do.