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Are Atlanta Falcons HC Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff really on the same page?

Fact: a good Lifetime movie and a nice bottle of Moscato are always Thomas Dimitroff's idea of a good time

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The Atlanta Falcons have a new and shiny head coach, and I'm not just referring to Dan Quinn's immaculately polished scalp. Quinn brings intensity and a bright defensive mind to the table, notwithstanding his infancy as a head coach in the NFL. But that's not good enough; he needs a quality front office.

Quinn is no fool, he knows that a results-driven, effective front office is an integral part of on-the-field outcomes. And if he has a concern going forward, it may be the front office. Sure, there are personnel concerns, but those can be fixed. Front office turnover, should it happen at some point, won't be as painless.

For now, Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff appear to be on the same page. Credit to the Falcons' Reid Ferrin for the quote.

"He was the guy that I connected with right away, that I knew I wanted to partner with," Quinn said of Dimitroff. "I saw that relationship work strongly in Seattle with (Seahawks head coach) Pete (Carroll) and (Seahawks general manager) John (Schneider). So, when I met Thomas, I knew this was the right opportunity and that I would like to do this job with him."

Working together, Quinn, Dimitroff and their staffs will collaboratively accomplish tasks such as roster evaluation, free agency and NFL Draft efforts and other player matters related to building the team's roster.

This is coachspeak if I've ever heard it. It's what Quinn has to say, and while we may want this to be the beginning of a fruitful relationship, it's really a story of two dissimilarly-situated men. As I said, Quinn has all the benefit of the doubt at this point. Dimitroff, while technically still the GM and technically still in control of the infamous "final say" button, is walking on thin ice.

Look, I'm not trying to stir the pot, only to call a spade a spade. If I'm Quinn, Dimitroff is a concern. He's someone I'm going to keep my eye on. For now, I'll take Quinn's comments for what their worth, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding. I suppose that's why many Falcons fans wanted some front office firings to accompany the firing of Mike Smith. There's something refreshing about a totally clean slate, and with Dimitroff still at the helm, there's that nagging feeling that we don't quite have one.

Your thoughts?