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NFL strength of schedule: On paper, Atlanta Falcons have the easiest 2015 regular season

Fact: Richard Smith is contemplating using some of our cheerleaders as pass rushers

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Good news is always welcome when you're an Atlanta Falcons fan. We're like Dave after a bottle of Green Apple Schnapps: mildly agitated and easily amused. It appears we have the easiest 2015 regular season strength of schedule. Rejoice!

Dan Quinn picked a good year to take over in Atlanta.

Based on 2014 records, the Falcons will play the easiest schedule in the NFL next season. Of the 16 regular season games Atlanta will play in 2015, only four of those will come against opponents who finished 2014 with a winning record [... and their] strength of schedule for 2015 is .409, which beat out the Colts (.417) for the easiest strength of schedule next season.

While an easy strength of schedule doesn't hurt, this is a parity-driven league. Teams find a way to be competitive, if only for a week. Plus there's the haterade all the devil's advocates will be sipping if the Falcons do turn it around. I can hear the talking heads now. "The Falcons are just plain overrated," they will say. It will be like 2012 all over again, except maybe this time, NaVorro Bowman won't get away with blatant pass interference, shattering my fragile heart into a million pieces.

Your thoughts?