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Dan Reeves reflects on Super Bowl experiences

What could be more fun than reflecting on Super Bowl XXXIII?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As if #Decibacle weren't enough fun for Falcons fans on this fine Super Bowl Sunday, let's throw in a trip down memory lane to the 1998 Super Bowl courtesy of Dan Reeves.

Dan Reeves has participated in more Super Bowls as a player and a coach than any other person in NFL history. Of Reeves' nine Super Bowl appearances over the course of his playing and coaching careers, just two resulted in wins. As you'll vividly remember, neither of those was the Falcons' trip to Super Bowl XXXIII.

The 1998 season was an amazing one for the Falcons, who finished the season 14-2. It was a phenomenal turnaround for a team that had finished 7-9 just the season before, and a remarkable achievement for a team that was missing its head coach for a couple of games toward the end of the season as Dan Reeves had to undergo lifesaving coronary bypass surgery in week 14 of the season.

Despite being instructed to rest for six weeks, Reeves returned to the sideline in week 17 and led his team through the playoffs to the NFC Championship Game. Reeves' Falcons knocked off the Vikings on a miracle Morten Andersen game-winning field goal in overtime to advance to the big game, and hopes were high in Atlanta. The Vikings had widely been considered the best team in the league that season, and the Falcons had defied all odds and won. They had to be a team of destiny.

Of course, they weren't a team of destiny. The Falcons lost to the Broncos 34-19, and the most memorable thing about that game for Falcons fans ended up being the arrest of team captain Eugene Robinson for attempting to solicit sex from an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute.

Reeves spoke to 11 Alive about his Super Bowl memories, particularly Super Bowl XXXIII, and you can view that segment in its entirety on their website.