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Steal one Panthers player and keep him on the Falcons roster forever and ever

If you could raid the Panthers' pantry, what would you come home with?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Out of all the teams the Atlanta Falcons have played in 2015, the Carolina Panthers might have the most intriguing collection of talent. They're certainly the best team Atlanta has faced, whether you agree with the talent thing or not.

That's one of the reasons this week's edition of "steal a player from another team's roster" promises to be so interesting. Do you select Cam Newton, who has his warts as a passer but is easily one of the most dynamic and talented quarterbacks in the NFL? Do you take the injured but terrific Kelvin Benjamin as your receiver of the future? Or do you dip into a deep, imposing Carolina defense to take pass rusher Charles Johnson, a tremendous player like linebacker Luke Kuechly, or another shutdown cornerback in Josh Norman?

There are no wrong choices (I'd personally take Kuechly), so share your opinion with your fellow fans and debate the hell out of it, like our forefathers intended.