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Have questions for Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar?

It's time to submit your questions for our weekly mailbag with Falcons linebacker and special teamer extraordinaire Nate Stupar.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons just lost their fifth consecutive game after starting the season 5-0, and I know fans have a lot of questions about this team, their mindset and exactly what is going wrong. Well, Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar is willing and able to answer some of those questions.

Please understand that there are some things Nate cannot and will not answer. If you ask things like, "Why does the offense suck?" or "Does the defense hate Matt Ryan?" or "Should Matt Ryan be cut/traded/drawn and quartered?" or "Do you want to sign my petition to fire Kyle Shanahan?" you can expect that they won't be answered. One of the things Dan Quinn preaches consistently is that the team needs to stay tight and support each other, and that extends from the locker room to the coaching staff. Stupar's not going to throw his teammates or any member of the coaching staff under the bus, and we wouldn't ask him to do so.

But if you're curious what the team is doing to address the missed tackles, that's a very valid question, especially in light of the fact that teams are permitted such limited contact in practice. Want to know what the mood is like in the locker room right now? Ask away.

While we await Nate's answers, be sure to follow him on Twitter, @thenastynate54, and like his new page on Facebook, StupLyfe. You can also keep up to date with the latest on Nate via his website,