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Tell the Truth Monday: Dan Quinn's not happy

It was evident from Dan Quinn's responses and tone during his weekly Tell the Truth Monday press conference that he's not happy with where things stand for the Falcons.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is anyone else waiting for some Lie to Me Mondays? These truthful Monday's are tough. There is not a whole lot of positive things to take away from yesterday's loss. We pulled together the highlights of Quinn's Monday press conference.

The Atlanta Falcons may be the closest, and farthest team away winning. It feels like they have all the right tools and parts, but how they go together correctly is anyone's guess. The Falcons are IKEA furniture.

Quinn does not have much choice here, as pressure is mounting faster than the losses.

As a fan, I appreciate this honesty. Quinn and the players have been clearly unhappy losing. If I can point to one difference from last year, it is that everyone involved does not feel like losing is acceptable.

Jones is still putting together a monster season, even though the team hates throwing him in the ball in the end zone. He is averaging over 110 yards per game the last 7 weeks, so if Julio is shut down, it will likely be due to the Falcons ineffectiveness.

Well, at least someone around here likes Durant.

Jarrett is one of the few players acquired this offseason that is exceeding expectations. He should earn more snaps going forward.

That was ugly football, and pretty illustrative of Atlanta's tackling this season.

This is a bold game plan. Lets see how it works.

There is not much else for Quinn to say. He is stuck either throwing a coordinator or quarterback under the bus.

Ryan has always been good for a few bad interceptions per year. He is averaging a few bad interceptions every month, and this pick was indefensible.

Thanks for joining us for another Tell the Truth Monday. Join us next Monday for more harsh truths.