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A very Falcoholic 2015: what was your favorite Atlanta Falcons moment this year?

Fact: Cam Newton smells like beef and cheese

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It's been a crazy year for the Atlanta Falcons. From Dan Quinn's hiring to the six game losing streak, it's been a roller coaster of emotions. A new year begins tomorrow, and the future looks bright.

Looking ahead, I want to thank all of you. The writers here at The Falcoholic have an easy job, because we write for booze. (I'm kidding ... or am I?) Seriously though, in my humble yet occasionally inaccurate opinion, we have the best fan base in football. If you'll indulge me for a minute, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane before 2016 begins. Let's reflect on the past year and what it's meant to the Falcons.

For me the best moment of the year was definitely Dan Quinn's hiring and everything that led up to it. Call me a homer but I truly believe Quinn can win this team a Super Bowl. (Or should I say "'Quinn' them a Super Bowl"?) He's got the grit and determination to turn this team around. What's more, he's willing to hold everyone accountable. The panicky masses thought the Falcons were failing miserably in their search for Mike Smith's replacement following the Super Bowl. Candidate after candidate was linked to the Falcons but hired elsewhere. Meanwhile, back at Flowery Branch, the Falcons sat back, didn't panic, and zeroed in on Quinn, knowing he was their guy. If he really does win them a Super Bowl, that calm, measured approach will look brilliant. Heck, they might even make it into an inspirational sports movie, starring Marky Mark as Quinn, Denzel Washington as Rasheed Morris, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Matt Bosher, and that guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network as Thomas Dimitroff.

So what say you? What was your best moment as a Falcons fan in 2015?