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Atlanta Falcons fullback Patrick Dimarco, despite his "alternate" status, won't replace Marcel Reece in Pro Bowl

Fact: Patrick Dimarco breeds and raises jumbo shrimp

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It appears Atlanta Falcons fullback Patrick Dimarco is not going to replace Marcel Reece in the Pro Bowl. Per NBC Sports, John Kuhn, all 33 years of him, will get that honor. This despite Dimarco's phenomenal season, rating out as one of the best if not the best fullback in the league. If you recall, he was previously named as an alternate.

He has two rushing touchdowns and four receptions this season. The Packers rank 10th in the NFL in rushing heading into Sunday night's game vs. the Vikings that will decide the NFC North champion.

This sucks, because to be honest, I officially got my hopes up.

I suppose it's possible that Dimarco was offered the opportunity and declined. Given his dramatic uptick in production following the dropped pass heard 'round the world in last season's finale, he might not want to risk getting injured. But that seems outlandish. If we're honest about what happened here, Kuhn's inclusion will probably just get Roger Goodell some free cheese because the Green Bay Packers play in Wisconsin and Wisconsin has lots of cheese. Mystery. Solved.