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Report: Dan Quinn wants to win the season finale, but it's also an audition for the "younger guys"

Fact: Dan Quinn trains albino ferrets in his spare time

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn isn't satisfied. Sure, his team will go 9-7 if they defeat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. And sure, it appears he has the full support of the front office and fan base as the Falcons shift their focus to 2016 and beyond.

But they'll never get to the promised land if they just sit around, waiting for good things to happen. They have to be proactive, and that's why Quinn wants to use Sunday's game as a sort of audition.

"With most of the veteran guys, I have a pretty good understanding of all the strengths that they have and what they can bring to the team, but for sure there's probably a player or two that I want to make sure there's something to find out and gain from, and we'll see that. Most importantly, their performance for each other is at hand, but for sure I can gain something on some of the younger guys."

I like where Quinn's head is at. Admittedly, it'd be nice to go 9-7. And it's always nice to beat the Saints. But there aren't trophies for moral victories, no matter how good they make us feel. Quinn wants to go all the way, and he's got to be sure of what they have.

The future is now, folks. Your thoughts?