Saints-Falcons Hate Week II: Say/Ask Me Anything

C'mon, people!!! Both our teams suck but we have to make 2015 be as fun for as long as we can before we have to pick a loser-ass secondary team to root for in playoffs and then start counting down to the start of Free Agency before we read and re-read crappy mock drafts til the Bucs come home.

The Saints stopped your season-long winning streak back in October, and you stopped the Panther's undefeated density with a destiny of your own (that BTF anniversary is not over YET!!!) last week, and based on strength of schedule, power rankings, and other exotic PFF/FO/DraftKings/FanDuel/othercorporatepartner formulae, nobody knows who SHOULD win on Sunday, but let's make it fun.

Get your commenting and questioning game in high gear to assure your CSC/Falcoholic roster spot in 2016. Based on what I've seen on the field by both teams this year, no one is guaranteed roster security.

All comments and questions posted here are guaranteed to be met with either/and/or sarcasm, snark, truth, wit and maybe even humorous personal attacks. Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily by me. If you're not up for it, stay the hell out.

But bring your hate and wit and overconfidence to this thread, and bring it good. We got LOTS to do in these last few days...

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