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Falcons vs. Panthers: Picks for your fantasy championship game

Here we go.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

If you have made it to your fantasy championship game, congratulations: You are either very good or very lucky, and either way I am envious of you with all of my cold, losing heart.

You need to make some smart picks to bring this one home, and we (hopefully) can bring you home the coveted title in (insert league name here).


QB Cam Newton

He eviscerated the Falcons the last time out, and while I don't expect him to chuck quite so many touchdowns this time around, he should be good for a strong QB1 performance. Unless you've got Brady or a quality QB with a dream matchup, he's your guy.

RB Jonathan Stewart

Assuming he's playing, Stewart's probably good for 80-100 yards and a score. Easy choice.

WR Julio Jones

Even with Josh Norman on him, I never advocate for  sitting Julio. He's due for a big game against Carolina, even if it's because he makes a handful of impressive plays against corners not named Norman.

TE Jacob Tamme

It's rough out there for tight end enthusiasts who don't have Rob Gronkowski, so Tamme is as good of a play as anybody.

TE Greg Olsen

He's very good, and tight end is very weak. Obvious start.

Carolina Defense

They've been teeing off on Matt Ryan the last couple of times these two teams met up, and they're not likely to allow gobs of points. Solid play, even if I'm mildly nervous (and excited) about the possibility that Atlanta finally gets going here.


QB Matt Ryan

He can't be trusted against this defense, with this offensive line, even at home.

RB Devonta Freeman

The Panthers did a nice job of bottling him up last time, Kyle Shanahan wasn't particularly interested in feeding him, and the run blocking has been in decline for most of the last couple of months. Again, I wouldn't particularly recommend Freeman or Tevin Coleman unless you don't have other options or you like to gamble.

All WRs besides Julio Jones

Ted Ginn isn't doing that again. Roddy White, Justin Hardy, and so forth aren't super reliable. The Panthers have a bunch of mediocre options unless Devin Funchess suddenly arrives on the scene.

Falcons Defense

After Week 14? Seriously?