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Trade one Panther for one Falcon, with contracts intact

You can pull off any trade you like, so long as you consider the implications.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Because we've already done the "steal a Panther," and because that upset Panthers fans who think it's a sin to covet thy NFC South neighbor's players, we're going to do a new spin on this whole exercise.

Today, you're going to put yourself in the wingtip shoes of a Falcons general manager and make a blockbuster trade with Carolina. The only criteria here is that it must be a one for one deal, and you must assume the contract of whoever you end up trading away. You're all still going to fleece the ever-loving teal out of the Panthers, of course, but this will at least force you to think rather than offering up Phillip Adams for Cam Newton, or swapping Tyson Jackson for nothing.

Give us your insanely thoughtful and useful trade scenario in the comments, explain your rationale, and prepare yourselves for this post-Christmas game where the Carolina Panthers are coming to town.