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Roddy White: Carolina Panthers CB Josh Norman isn't "tough guy"

Fact: Roddy White absolutely refuses to eat red Skittles

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White always speaks his mind. He just can't help it. He's like this guy. So as the somehow still-not-eliminated Falcons prepare to take on the undefeated Carolina Panthers Sunday, we knew there'd be some chatter about the recent Josh Norman shenanigans. For those of you of unfamiliar with said shenanigans, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. basically tried to murder Norman yesterday.

So what did Roddy have to say? Well, he basically said Norman isn't a "tough guy." Whatever that means.

"I know tough guys in this league. DBs that I felt were tough? Darrelle [Revis], Champ [Bailey], Al Harris, [Aqib] TalibRichard Sherman." White also said he would never put Norman in the same category as those cornerbacks. "Hell no," White said. "You must be trippin'. Of covering people? You've got to man up and go out there and get after people if you're going to be that. You can't sit back and play zone, dropping, playing Cover 2 for half the game and say you're locking people up. Come on, man. Everybody knows that."

Normally I'd say something like, "come on, Roddy, just say out of it." I won't say that though, because I'm a little annoyed by the media's victimization of Norman over the past 24 hours. Sure, OBJ's hit was dirty, dangerous, and way over the line. But let's not act like Norman and the rest of the baseball bat-toting Panthers didn't play a part in this. There was a lot of immaturity in that game yesterday, and while every bit of OBJ's suspension was warranted, Ron Rivera's crew isn't going to win a sportsmanship award anytime soon.

Look, this isn't our battle to fight. But for once, Roddy has a point. Your thoughts?