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Falcons vs Jaguars 2015: Who to Watch Against Jacksonville

It's another week of Falcons football, and that's all there is to say about it. Here's who to watch if you've got the will.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White, Wide Receiver

Roddy being a player to watch this week isn't necessarily coming from a suspicion of a big game, but rather curiosity of how he deals with the task of being more involved in the game plan. With Hankerson off the team and Justin Hardy not contributing much to the passing attack, Roddy will be looked at with defenses locking in on Julio. Let's hope the old has something left in him.

Vic Beasley, Edge Rusher

While some want to move him to linebacker, I've still got hopes for Beasley being a LEO-type that will strike fear into opposing offensive lines. The rookie believes he can still get 10 sacks on the year, so confidence is not scarce. Give Vic another off-season with an NFL trainer and real results will begin to show. But for now, we get to sit back and enjoy his development.

Desmond Trufant/Robert Alford, Cornerbacks

Both Tru and Alford are players to watch this weekend because they will have quite the challenge ahead of them. Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson easily create the scariest, young receiving duo in the league. Luckily for Atlanta, they have a contender for the best coverage duo in the league. What follows is a pair of match-ups that sound much more intriguing than "Falcons versus Jaguars".

As always, how do you see these guys playing out this week? Who are you watching closely?