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Steal a Buccaneer, keep a Buccaneer for the Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons could use an infusion of talent at a few key spots. Who's your choice?

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

We all agree that the Falcons could use some additional talent, so let's say that hypothetically you were to stroll into the Buccaneers' practice facility and smuggle out one of their best players. Who would you choose?

The choices here are varied. You could add a talented receiver and instantly upgrade the offense by selecting Mike Evans, or you could add to an already robust defensive interior with Gerald McCoy or a tremendous linebacker like Lavonte David. If you're a gambling man and you really think it's Matt Ryan that's at fault for the team's offensive woes this year, perhaps you'd like to invest in Jameis Winston? it's your call.

I'm awfully tempted to go with Kwon Alexander, because he's a clearly gifted 21 year old linebacker, and the Falcons could desperately use a player like that. But in the end I'll go with Evans, who would give the Falcons an absolutely absurd set of receivers to lift the passing game. Evans is young enough to be an asset for a long time, too.

Who would you choose?