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Could changes be coming with another bad loss?

Somehow the Atlanta Falcons still have a theoretical chance at the playoffs.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

They could beat the perennial league doormat Jacksonville Jaguars, then play a Carolina Panthers team that may be resting their starters. The last remaining hurdle would be a home game against the New Orleans Saints. Atlanta could be 9-7. And with some help, sneak their way into the playoffs. One website gives Atlanta a 1.5% chance of doing exactly that.

The team may still be holding out hope they can put it all together. It may have been too early to make changes. For weeks they have certainly been trying to get back to Atlanta's early season success.

The more realistic result is a few more crippling loses, starting with Jacksonville.

If the team follows up their embarrassing loss to the Panthers with another terrible performance, effectively removing any hope for a playoff berth, we may finally see some changes. With the hopes the new coaching staff could still make it to the playoffs, it makes sense they did not want to make chances to the front office, the coaching, or the personnel.

Short of a miraculous turnaround, the nosediving Falcons will need to make changes. Has Kyle Shanahan done enough to earn finishing out the season as offensive coordinator? Should Thomas Dimitroff get a few last weeks to shuffle the practice squad roster?

I would suggest not. The team is not going through growing pains. This nosedive is so sharp that it is breaking records. The team is broken. With all hopes of the playoffs likely soon gone, it should be time to get rid of those who have not been able to fix the team.