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Predict the final score of Falcons-Jaguars, where dreams go to die

This is a potentially bad game between two bad teams, though Jacksonville looks much better right now.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have plunged into the very depths of despair after losing six games in a row, while the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be figuring things out offensively at the right time.

On paper, then, this looks pretty bad for Atlanta. Thankfully they don't play the games on paper, but the way things have gone for Atlanta these last several weeks, I can't say I'm feeling overly optimistic right now. Shellshocked, sure, but not optimistic.

I'm predicting a loss, as I will be the rest of the season due to sheer disgust and terror. I think the Jaguars are capable of putting plenty of points on the board, so let's say 35-24, Jaguars. It'll be a brutal loss, sure, but not as bad as the complete beatdown Carolina delivered. At this stage, staying competitive and seeing genuine growth from some of the young players we're watching would be a spoonful of sugar, at least.

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