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Falcons vs. Jaguars odds: Jacksonville is favored by three points

It's no surprise.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are still in the playoff hunt in the pitiful AFC South, while the Falcons are well out of the race in the NFC South. The gulf between these two teams could not be more vast at the moment.

The Falcons, of course, scuffled mightily and ultimately lost to the Matt Hasselbeck-led Colts coming out of their bye week. The Jaguars just put a 50 burger on those same Colts last Sunday in a thrashing best described as unmerciful. The fact that Atlanta has to travel to Jacksonville for this game makes the fact that the Falcons are underdogs extremely understandable.

Given that the Jaguars are 5-8 and have had long stretches of poor play and dormant offense, it's also not a surprise that they're favored by just three points at the moment, but the Falcons are fresh off that 38-0 dismantling and look like a team ready to pack it in and play the kids. A close game either way wouldn't surprise me, but a second consecutive blowout for the Falcons certainly wouldn't shock me, either.

If the Falcons do win this, make no mistake, it will be an upset.