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Steal a Jacksonville Jaguars player and keep him for the Falcons

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Get your joke about the Falcons stealing Jaguars for years under Mike Smith out of the way now. We'll wait.




Okay, great, now we can get into this. As always, I'm challenging you to pick just one Jacksonville Jaguar and add him to the Atlanta Falcons roster. Your choices here aren't as diverse as they were with the Panthers, sure, but there are plenty of capable players. Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are terrific wide receivers, T.J. Yeldon is a nice back to have, Blake Bortles is a rising quarterback (yes, we're doing this again), and the offensive line has a couple of decent players on the interior who would represent upgrades. If you want to peruse defense, the options aren't quite as robust, but cornerback Davon House is talented, young safety Jonathan Cyprien is a big hitter who might slot in as a William Moore replacement, and Jared Odrick would be a nice addition up front.

I'd add Hurns or Robinson, myself. Both would offer immediate upgrades for this offense as speedy vertical threats, if the Falcons were willing to utilize them.

Share your pick in the comments.