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Falcons Safety William Moore going on Injured Reserve

The season is over for Moore. Might it be his last in Atlanta?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are making lots of moves early in the week, and though this latest should not come as a surprise, it's still difficult to see nonetheless. Starting strong safety William Moore is heading to injured reserve per the official Falcons account:

The second round pick of the Falcons out of the 2009 NFL draft has struggled with injuries since his rookie season. Moore has only played 16 games once (2013). He missed 9 games in 2014 and after today's move, will have only played 11 games in the 2015 season.

Moore's cap number in 2016 is scheduled to be 6.6 million, while cutting him would save about 3.4M off the cap. Those numbers are difficult to stomach for a player who is spending nearly as much time on the sidelines as he is on the field. There's little doubt that Moore can be an effective player when healthy, but at age 30, one has to wonder if he is capable of putting in a 16 game season anymore. The Falcons will have some difficult decisions to make in 2016, but this move may be a sign of things to come.

What are your thoughts on Moore heading to IR?